Funk, Jazz Funk, & Fusion Recordings

They they are very talented these guys, and they play in numerous projects in Tel Aviv with several different group names.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Latin jazz piano lately and, by accident, came across this brilliant session (2002). It’s like a fusion big band with Herbie Hancock leading. He conducts, plays synths, and at about 8 minutes into the tune, sits down at the piano for a bit. For the rest, Cuban artist Roberto Fonseca has the piano. (I’ll be posting more about him later.) Michael Brecker is also onboard. Enjoy. :musical_keyboard:

Here’s bassist Miroslav Vitous’s “Infinite Search” from the album of the same name ((1970) with John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, and Jack DeJohnette. Hancock’s interplay with the bass is interesting. This came out a year before Vitous joined Weather Report in its first configuration. Enjoy. :musical_keyboard:


I just stumbled upon Morgan Guerin, an amazing young talent who is a multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, arranger, audio engineer, and composer. (On some of these, it seems he’s a senior in high school. :astonished:) On the first track he plays all instruments. On all, it seems, he does all the arranging, mixing, and editing. At any rate, he’s someone to keep an eye on. Enjoy :musical_keyboard:

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some funky

Pierrot, that is smokin’. :sunglasses:. I had to check out Tim Akers. The guy’s a keyboardist, studio musician in Nashville who shows that Nashville isn’t just country anymore (though he’s done his share of recording country as well as rock acts). He deserves one more tune. It’s a cover of Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk.” So tight!


I’ve been checking out Latin pianists and came across this fusion offering from Gonzalo Rubalcaba. He’s well-versed in many Latin genres, at times bordering on classical (as are nearly all Cuban pianists). And the tones of that Fazioli :heartpulse:. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

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Here’s a tune from one of the best contemporary Cuban keyboardists, Roberto Fonseca: “Motown” from the album Yesun (2019 Wagram Music SAS under exclusive license to Mack Avenue Records II, LLC).

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One of my favourite songs of all time thank you!

Great Funk track from an incredible band.

Another great fusion band that made one of the best albums ever. Great track from the masterpiece.


Great recommendation Michael - I have the album on Vinyl :slight_smile:
I discovered the record because one of the tunes is sampled by MF doom :slight_smile:

Here’s Tano (℗ 2021 Luminol Records) from UJIG, a project that was

. . . born at the clinics “Berklee College of Music at Umbria Jazz” in Perugia in 2014. The intent [was] to form an international group and combine different backgrounds and experiences in a project mel[d]ing genres from jazz to rock while maintaining [a] European identity.

Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher! Great to some fellow funk/fusion fans here.

Have to give a shout out to the late great Dr. Lonnie Smith. I had the pleasure of standing a few feet in front of him and his mighty B3 for one of the best evenings of music I’ve ever experienced. You could just feel him pulling inspiration from another realm and pure joy when he played.

Another player is Robert Walters. He has his own releases as well as being a member of Greyboy Allstars and side projects with drummer Stanton Moore and guitarist Will Bernard. One of my favorite trios!

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Great stuff :slight_smile:
Just listened to this tune (the whole album is a blast)


Scary Goldings is a great collaboration with Larry Goldings and Scary Pockets. Nice old school vibes!

Kait Dunton leads one of the grooviest trios around right now:

Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles with the positive energy:

I am really enjoying these guys!


These guys are great. I’ve yet to catch them in person, but they play Portland pretty regularly. Thanks for sharing!

And I’m a super fan of all things Larry Goldings. :musical_keyboard:

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@scott1 I haven’t seen them live either but hope to. I got to see Scary Goldings this past week with Goldings on organ, Scofield on guitar and Will Lee on bass. What a show!

Rachel Eckroth bringing some Herbie/Headhunters vibes: