[FIXED] Issue With Video Player

When I hit the play arrow on any jazz standard I get the notice, “html5: video file not found. Can’t parse the request variable.” This is the case both on my desktop and my tablet. Everything else on the site including Pro Dashboard and (obviously) Community work. What’s going on here?

Hi Wendy,

Apologies for this.

I have contacted our technical support provider and we will get it fixed asap.

I will post updates here.

Apologies everyone for the inconvenience of this.


Hi everyone,

As another update:

The technical guys who power our wonderful video player are based in Eastern Europe.

I have contacted them and explained the issue.

It’s around 4am there now but when they wake up I’m sure they will address and fix the issue promptly.

Thanks for your understanding and patience with this.


Hi guys,

I’m in Asia and I typically practice in the mornings (10:27am here) so waiting for the video player to be up is no good. That said, the audio player is still working fine so definitely check out Tuomo’s weekly transcription / improvisation exercises during this down time!

Hi Paul :wave:

Apologies for the video player downtime.

I have still not heard back from our video player developers but I expect them to have it resolved shortly. It’s now daytime where they are.

That’s a great suggestion to work on Tuomo’s improvisation exercises :+1:

Here’s the direct link for anyone else who is missing their usual practice time:


Spending some time to work on our listening and transcription skills is always a good idea!

The video player is working again now.

Thanks for your patience during this temporary outage.

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Bravo, Hayden, very swift. Thanks, Smole (no need to respond).