Finger memory & chord tone soloing

Hello PG members,

I’m looking for a way to train my “finger memory”. Does anyone know a useful exercise (PG video) that helps to grab the appropriate chord progressions “on the fly”.
At the moment I’m practicing chords in all 12 keys using lead sheets in the following way:
LH: 15 RH: 37. Or I transcribe these 4 tones by ear, transpose them into the other keys. Later i´m fill in the space with extensions and alterations.
Is there another type of shortcut that helps ? A smart trick with often appropriate inversions ?

My second question is:
Does anyone know a PG Video or a good exercise for “chord tone soloing” ?

Warm thanks

Hey @christianschilk :wave:

Do you use the iRealPro app?

I find iRealPro practice exercises useful for building muscle memory. I have attached my iRealPro practice playlist here:

Click that link and it will download a file, open the file and it will open a webpage where you can download the iRealPro practice tracks that I am using.

Practicing with iRealPro

Here’s a video explaining how we can use these drills:

iReal Pro Backing Tracks:

My playlist contains 5 practice tracks for major 251s (circle of fifths), minor 251s (circle of fifths) and also a whole step major 251 pattern.

There are lots more here: Jazz Practice Exercises - Page 13 - I just downloaded the 251 based tracks.

Possible Exercises:

  • You can set the tempo to whatever you like - start slow and gradually increase the speed

  • You can practice any type of voicing, remove the bass track if you are playing rooted voicings - keep the bass track if you are practicing rootless voicings

  • You can practice rootless voicings with a melody on top - here you are working on left hand voicings, chord tone soloing, and improvisation, all in 1 exercise.

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WOW Hayden, many thanks for the support. All my questions found an answer. I’m so grateful for that. I’ve adjusted my routines like this. I really enjoy being a member. I searched for this information for a very long time !! :people_hugging: :heart_eyes: :pray:

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Adding more lessons to the whole step 251 course has been on my to-do-list for some time.

Currently there are only 6 lessons in the course. I’d like to add lots more variations to provide inspiration for different ways to practice common chord progressions and harmonic movements.

Leave that with me.


Thanks Hayden,

I’m already practicing!
I also try to practice diatonic 7 chords in all 12 keys. (Major and minor). In both hands. Also as spread voicings LH 15 RH 37. I think that I can transcribe tunes faster by ear after I have found the tonal center if I initially use simple spread voicings. I don’t always have to play the extended voicings directly first.
I produce rhythm backing tracks for every exercise. (drums & bass) which I play as a loop in Logic. In my opinion, even practicing major scales isn’t so boring and you play more correctly. I saw that you can also create your own exercises in IReal Pro. Maybe I will implement it in IReal Pro.

All the best Hayden :pray: