Finding Inspiration for Your Next Composition/ Improvisation

Hia. :blush:

I really am keen at knowing more about how and where other members (you) find inspiration when improvising or composing - in jazz style.

Before you can compose something original or improvise anything jazzy - Do you for example take/use one of your favourite and special progressions? etc…

I have recently been getting to know and practicing the major , minor 251 progressions (baby steps) - hopefully in the future would be able to come up with something jazzy :blush:

Would like to also share this page I currently created - it’s like my Music Journal where I put all my “very simple, random and raw” improvisations that are not at all jazz :laughing: (there was probably one attempt on blues haha)

they all come from varied inspirations (whether an event, emotion, mood, or a simple musical motif that I heard)

Music Journal | Piano Improvisations (raw)

Please feel free to share any tips, thoughts, music when you are improvising with others, or composing music etc… Take care and hope you are well!