Feedback request: Comping

Hey all!

I comped around Autumn Leaves in G minor two times. Could I get some feedback for improving this? Any advice would be great, but I’m looking for rhythmic/voicing feedback.



Nice comping brother. You should try to throw some Red Garland voicings on the melody. That would take it to the next level. Keep it up.


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My 2 cents (which may be about all that this opinion is worth):

(1) I like the voicings and extensions, and the rhythm seems fine.

(2) It seems like most of the voicings are two-handed, which is fine if you’re accompanying a singer or an instrumentalist, but obviously wouldn’t work for a solo piano performance (unless you have three hands).

(3) (kind of an extension of above)…if you’re working towards a solo piano improv, it might be more effective to comp only with the LH. And, it’s possible, desirable, even, to use melodic lines in the RH as an integral component of the comp rhythm, so it may be more effective to practice with both hands (improv in the RH) slowly, rather than practicing with one hand quickly.

Hope this helps and thanks for sharing!


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Thanks @gregb @adam_powell for your feedback!

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Really enjoyed listening to it, Sean - love the syncopations you did! - Fantastic tips and suggestions already from Adam and Greg ! pls keep us posted - would love to hear it again in case you make any changes. :blush:

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Thank you! Will do. I’ll probably play a solo with LH voicings next time!