Excellent essay on Bill Evans & The history of Nardis

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The link above is an astonishing deep dive into the life and times of bill Evans and his involvement with the iconic Miles Davies composition “ Nardis”. It’s an enjoyable yet heartbreaking insight to the tales and triumphs of bills career and his band members tragedies. It’s a truly captivating essay that serves better than most documentaries due to its forensic detail. If you love that tune I couldn’t recommend this essay more


An interesting read, Michael. Thanks for sharing!

Fascinating Michael. Thank you for the link. The story of sacrifice and tragedy in the lives of those who are geniuses in the musical Arts is a reality-based smack in the face to those of us who think talent and hard work are all that is required. Sometimes you have to sell your very soul for your art. And whether it is worth it in the end is a question only known to yourself.

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I enjoyed this story very much… Thank you, Michael.

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