Embraceable You - Solo Piano Performance by Hayden

Hey all :wave:

Here’s a video of me performing “Embraceable You” - one of the jazz standard tutorials you can find in the PianoGroove course. Big thanks to @Dan for filming and editing this awesome video.

“Embraceable You” solo piano arrangement…

Learn to play this tune…

Embraceable You is one of my favourite jazz standards. You can find a 2-part tutorial on this great tune here:

Part 1: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/embraceable-you-tutorial/

Part 2: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/embraceable-you-advanced-stride-lesson/

The arrangement I play in the video has some differences, but I’d say 90%+ of it is identical to the arrangement I teach in the lesson.

When I’m performing these ballads I typically have a rough arrangement in my head, but there is always an element of spontaneity in the performance.

If there is a demand for it, I can always create a tutorial to explain everything from the performance video.

I hope you enjoy watching the performance!


"La classe " :sunglasses:

white shirt, black suit, grand piano in a beautiful room… impressive

lovely playing , for my taste i just hope you get some more madness in the playing … just my taste… a bit frustrate at the end because the crazyness not happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… maybe for next performance :wink:.

but this video was made in a special purpose maybe?

Thanks for sharing it !

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Wow Hayden - awesome, and what a cool video @Dan! :smiley: :sunglasses:


Hayden. What a moving randition of a beautiful piece.

Truly inspiring!


Cheers James :slight_smile: We’re raising the bar and there’s going to be plenty more on their way. It’s a revolutionary evolution of music tuition and collaboration we’ve got going on here and I’m loving the involvement of you guys within this community :+1:


Nice videography Dan.


Haha yep there could certainly be more madness in there! :grin:

I like to accentuate the more subtle aspects of my performances, such as clever inner voices, often moving in contrary motion to the main melody. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’m doing it.

I could certainly go to town and reharmonise the heck out of the changes, but when I play ballads solo, I feel a ‘due diligence’ to pay homage to the original changes and melody.

For a bit of fun, I will record some audio this week and post it here in this thread. The same tune, but with some interesting twists… stay tuned @Pierrot

Thanks a lot Master Hayden :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Bravo! Thanks for sharing, Hayden. Looking forward to working through your arrangement when I get there,

Thanks Scott!

Yes it’s a beautiful tune to play. The arrangement is quite challenging in places, but very enjoyable.

Simply Gorgeous! the arrangement is exquisite and the visuals match it beautifully. Well done Guys! Looking forward to more.


Thanks Lyndol :grinning:

Hope all is well in NYC, and see you in a few weeks.

Thanks @LoriNelson :slight_smile: Many more to come

John Oakenfull. Wonderful playing, Hayden. Who needs “madness” in an arrangement of this type ? Sorry, Pierre Pierrot !

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Hi John :wave:

Thank you very much!

Yes I’m not really going for ‘madness’ when I play ballads in this kind of setting. The quartal voicings I play in the C section of already a little ‘out there’ for my ears!

But ‘each to their own’ as they say - one of the things that makes the jazz genre so unique is the diverse range of styles, tastes, and ways of expression that live within the broad genre itself.

For me personally, that is precisely what makes the genre so exciting to explore. Everyone has their own sound, their own influences, and also specific sounds or styles of playing that pique the interest of our own ears. Fascinating stuff.

Glad you liked my arrangement :slightly_smiling_face:

This is an emotive, close your eyes kind of performance by you Hayden, one that you just allow to seep in and provoke a few tears. Thank you for sharing, and props to Dan for the videography that is as masterful as your playing!


This is real greatness. Thanks for staying true to the song. It’s needed in this hyper speed n Sick reharm clickbait era. Peace Meistro!

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Thank you Mtka!

I agree it’s nice stay true to the original song when playing in this kind of style.

I find this with a lot of Gershwin’s music, his harmonies are so delicately created that they don’t need much reharmonisation to create a beautiful arrangement.

I’m glad you liked the arrangement :slightly_smiling_face:

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