Ear Training practice apps

I just stumbled across an awesome new ear training app, and thought I’d share it here:


I try to do some ear training practice daily, and have tried a couple of appropriate apps but really am pleased with this one. There are a ton of exercises in there you can customize to suit your level, and also pretty impressively, you can use hands free mode which I tend to use while driving and multi-tasking otherwise. I have the iOS version, and it cost me £6.99, but it really is worth it! :grin:


Wow this looks awesome James… I’ll be getting a copy.

Looking at their promo video here at 0:03:

I immediately heard the #11 in the chord… I use that colour a LOT in my playing so that’s always been a colour that my ears pick up on instantly.

It’s almost like when someone calls your name, and you immediately pick up on it… I have the same ‘recognition’ when I hear the #11 in a chord :grin: I’d love to have that for all chord colours and tensions.

I’m going to play around with this app and report back.

For the transcribing musician, the interval training, chord quality training, and extension/alteration training in this app is such as useful thing to practice.

Thanks for sharing this James! An awesome little piece of software that can be used anywhere.

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Having tried a couple of ear training apps Hayden, the thing about this is that it is so much more ‘jazz friendly’ in that it does cover altered dominants and less ‘standard’ chords (Minor 6, Major b5, sus chords) as opposed to the usual ‘standard 7th chords’ as many of the other apps do. And proof of this is that it’s so much more difficult than the other apps! Which is a great sign (even though you can customise skill levels easily) :grin:

That’s awesome James cheers :+1:

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Yes it’s a really great app James.

I love the ‘report back feature’ which gives you the log of your choices before you get the correct answer.

I have a lot of travelling next week (trains and flights to get from Manchester to Seattle) and I’m looking forward to using this throughout the journey. It will be a brilliant travel companion :grin:

Thanks again for sharing this terrific app.

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Welcome Dan, hope you enjoy it! :smiley: