Which music phones application are you using?

Hey all !

So we lets talk about our music apps , heres mine

  • irealpro for android and ios wellknown

  • tempo both android and ios, a regular metronome

  • time guru both , a working metronome , really helpful,we can mute some measures randomly to ingrain the time , make some loop of different tempo meter 3/4 4/ 4 3/4 3/5 on the fly,

  • Genius JT for practicing polyrythm, here more explanation and how to apply it in our practice routine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWnySBTBZsM


Great topic idea Pierre.

I have one row of “music apps” which share a lot of similarity to yours :grinning:

Here they are:

1) Harmonics Ear Training - http://harmonomicsapp.com/

This was recently recommended by @anon84688975 in this thread:

It’s a great little tool for every kind of ear training exercise you can imagine, ranging from beginner, to very advanced.

It quizzes and scores you on your answers, and notes how many times it took you to guess the correct answer. A very nice little piece of software and I’m glad I downloaded it.

2) The iRealPro Backing Track App - https://irealpro.com/

I recommend this throughout the PianoGroove course, both to be used for playing over jazz standards, and also we incorporate it into the theory exercises and drills.

When playing jazz standards, I like to set the repeats to at 20+ repeats, I’ll play through the head once, and then move into improvisation.

I try to develop each motif to it’s fullest potential, and maybe stick to one musical idea for 2 or 3 times through the form. This way I’m working on developing my motifs, and not simply playing random ideas that are stuck together without logic or cohesion.

3) Spotify - https://www.spotify.com/

I love Spotify for many reasons, here are the 3 main ones:

  • The quality of the audio is brilliant for transcription.

  • I can search for an artist, and listen to their most popular records, and also “shuffle play” to weave throughout their albums until I find something I like.

  • I can create my own playlists, and download the songs locally in the app, so that when I’m on the road I can listen to all of my favourite records without burning a hole in my pocket from mobile data usage.

4) Tempo - The Best Metronome App (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

This is the best metronome app I’ve used.

First and foremost, the whole interface of the app is very user-friendly and easy to use.

I like the functionality of accenting beats, missing out beats, and finally, I like how it the BPM jumps up/down in increments of 10 if you hold it down slightly, which makes it quick and easy to jump around different tempos.


Thanks for the intro Hayden!

One thing which would make this app even better (and I would happily pay more for) is the ability to ‘freeze’ the sound - for the single chord questions - as you try to pick out individual tones by ear. It is possible: I’ve come across this in other apps. It gets a bit irritating having to repeatedly play the ‘question chord’ if you’re unsure what it is immediately. It’s amazing how your ears can play tricks on you! Think I might feedback this to them :smiley:

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Great advice. I like the harmononmics app. Since I haven’t had time to play much over the last weeks, that hopefully will enable me to practice a different part on the road.

I also sometimes use chordify (https://chordify.net) as a kind of easy going version of iRealPro. I like that it shows the YouTube videos along with the chords.