Comprehensive index of jazz standards

Would love to see a more comprehensive index of jazz standards, I.e. one that includes all versions of a song including parts 1 and 2 (if those exist); songs worked on in seminars, and references to songs as examples in various lessons. This would be tremendously helpful. Is this feasible?


Hi @wendy , that sounds like a good idea for Piano Groove, what you think @Hayden ?

Meanwhile, this page has a extensive list and plenty of info about hundreds of songs:

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Apologies I missed this discussion @wendy and @Tuomo -

Yes I think the best way to do this would be to create a forum thread in the “New Lesson Updates” Category:

We can pin the thread to the top so it always remains accessible and clearly visible at the top of that forum section.

There are a number of tunes which I have covered extensively in the regular lessons and in live seminars, and so we can use the tune names as subtitles, and then list all of the related lessons below, perhaps with a little synopsis of what theory is applied.

I feel that it’s best to do this in the forum as the thread/post will be easy to update and maintain, and if students can also post suggestions and questions directly in the thread.

I will create this new thread shortly.


Sounds great! Looking forward to it. Thank you.

Unless I’ve missed it, it looks like this fell through the cracks. It sure would be useful. For example: I just realized how many places on the website “Georgia” is addressed!

Thanks for bumping this to my attention Wendy, I will get started on this now with a handful of tunes and we can continue to add the thread.

I just checked out the “Related Jazz Standard Lessons” page and it is incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Brilliant, thanks for letting us know John. It was @wendy’s great idea to create this index page - thanks Wendy!

I quickly jotted down the related lessons/seminars from the top of my head, and I will spend some time to go through the other lessons on the website to find more.

The tunes I have listed in this thread are the most covered on the site and all great tunes to study:

Excellent idea. Really good