🗳 Cast Your Votes!.... "Guest Live Seminar" Topics & Genres

Hey everyone :wave:

I am in the process of scaling up the live seminar side of the website by introducing more styles, genres, and teachers, and I need your votes and input.

I have created a poll below containing styles and genres of improvised music that are not currently covered in our live seminars. Some of these topics can be found in our courses and lessons on the website, but not in our live seminars.

Please note that these new styles will be in addition to the current live seminars on Jazz Piano, Vocal Studies, Brazilian Piano, & Gospel/Blues Piano.

Cast Your Votes Here :ballot_box:

Everyone can cast up to 5 votes on the styles they are most interested in.

What Styles Are You Most Interested In For Future Live Seminars?
  • Funk Piano
  • Jazz Fusion
  • RnB Piano
  • Neo Soul
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Contemporary Church Music
  • New Orleans Piano
  • Slow Blues
  • Cuban Piano / Salsa / Montunos
  • Bebop
  • Boogie-Woogie
  • Ragtime
  • Trad Jazz

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Did I Miss Any Styles?

I believe that the poll cannot be modified after it has been launched for integrity purposes, but if I have missed any styles that you are interested in, please post them below and we will factor in all suggestions.

Thanks for your input :sunglasses:

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At first I wanted to choose them all lol. Oh well, maybe in a future poll :laughing:


I’d like to learn Ray Charles’ style.
(Added later -)
Davell’s course on Gospel music is thorough and detailed, but I’d like more references to it’s application in popular music. How does one apply Gospel chords and music to a piece like “yesterday” for example? “Hymn to freedom” has many Gospel elements, and although Oscar P’s rendition is unique the underlying sound is very like Ray Charles.


Got it - thanks for the suggestion @George_Miller and I will get this scheduled into April’s live seminars.


I’d love some more latin style playing - solo at "2:36


Love the vibe of the piano solo @Gregorio-L - thanks for sharing this.

I believe this style would fall under the Cuban Piano / Salsa / Montunos category.

I agree this would be a great style for a live seminar session… leave it with me :+1:


Swing style is great too which I don’t see on the list


Love it Gregorio! I found a tutorial on YouTube a while ago on Cuban style. It’s hard on the right hand! I wasn’t committed enough and it’s all gone now, but I’d be game to trying again if it appears on PianoGroove!


A discussion of Brad Mehldau


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I love Eliane Elias’s musical style. Perhaps it could be covered in the Brazilian Piano section.


Hi everyone,

April’s live seminars have been scheduled and uploaded, check them out here:

@George_Miller - we have a Ray Charles themed session on the 19th.

@Gregorio-L - I have reached out to a cuban jazz pianist and hopefully we can get a seminar scheduled this month on cuban piano styles.

@karl1, @ken1 and @colette - we can definitely cover all of these suggestions with our teaching team and I will get these topics scheduled in for May’s seminar listings.


Thanks Hayden. I’ll register for it :sunglasses:

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WOW !!! that would be fantastic !

and here the link for a full concert in better quality Eliane Elias Jazz a Vienne 2014 Full - YouTube

some lovely one in her cool touch and singing


What’s the chance that Jon Cleary would do a live seminar? Loved what I saw of Davell’s so far.

Hi @TimD

We are recording a new blues course with Jon later this month and so I will suggest the idea of him hosting a live seminar every month or so. I’m sure he will be interested.

We also have a new blues/gospel teacher joining us next month - more to be announced on this shortly. The 2 new courses will be recorded, edited, and published around the same time - around late December/early new year.

Likewise I think it’s a great idea to have at least one monthly seminar dedicated to blues and/or gospel music. I will keep you posted on developments.


How about finding an expert on some kind of “oriental” music, like from the Middle East and arabspeaking countries? I am afraid I don’t know any good contemporary music or jazz players from those parts but I am sure there could be quite a few, since they have a rich musical tradition with lots of improvisation, different modes etc? Or maybe Indian jazz (unfortunately I don’t know any there either, but of course the same applies to them with an equally rich musical tradition and so forth). If you could find someone good I am sure I am not the only one here at pianogroove who would be extremely curious to delve into it.

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Hey @TimD - great news, Jon will be doing his first live seminar next week and he will be hosting a monthly seminar covering blues and New Orleans piano styles moving forwards.

For his first live seminar, he would like students to submit questions ahead of the seminar so that he has some material to work from.

I will send an email out in the next few days.

Thanks again for this great suggestion. :sunglasses:

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Yes I think this is a great idea @fredrik - We are currently adding more blues and gospel themed seminars and afterwards we can certainly branch out to these more nice musical genres. Thanks for the suggestions and leave it with me.

That’s awesome new! I’ll post some questions soon.

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