Can newbies play here?


I’ve taken a few lessons - mostly spent time understanding notes/sheet music and learning theory basics. My goal is to play blues piano. Do I need to learn more classical methods before exploring jazz and the piano groove site or can I get the foundation I need from the beginners section of this site?


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Hey @charles3 - welcome to PianoGroove!

Yes you can absolutely get the foundations from the Beginner section of the website.

If you can already read music that will be a great asset to you.

The most accessible blues course that we have is our Chicago Blues Course, check that out here:

This course explains the basic 12 bar blues form, and I would recommend spending some time learning the left hand shuffle patterns. If you are new this style it will be difficult at first but with focused daily practice you will build up the strength and timing in your left hand.

We have other blues courses which are more advanced so I would definitely recommend that you start with the Chicago Blues.

Foundational Theory

The following 4 jazz courses contain important theory which you will use when playing the blues:

I would recommend studying these courses and also learning the jazz piano arrangements in the courses.

Practice Planners

We also have practice planners for these 4 courses that you can find here:

Each course contains practice-focused lessons where I demonstrate all of the exercises and drills. There is a lot of information in those courses which takes time to work through so do be patient with it.

Perhaps split your practice time in half… half on jazz theory, and half on the blues courses. That way you will be learning to play blues piano whilst also developing your understanding of the most important jazz theory concepts which are all applicable to the playing blues:

  • chord extensions
  • rootless chord voicings
  • chord alterations

I hope that helps Charles and let me know if you need any further guidance.


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