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Hi, my name is Nelson and i am a beginner piano student. I started a few years ago with a private teacher with a classical music approach. Scales, arpeggios, sonatine, bach, etc. for about to years. I recently started with minor scales. But, i felt like classical is much more about reading music, playing note by note, and just little room for personal expression. I really enjoyed studying this tunes, but i would really like to learn to improvise and live this spontaneous energy.

I hope that what i have learnt in this classical piano lessons, is enough to start learning jazz and improvisation.

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Welcome Nelson,

Don’t worry. Whatever your level, PianoGroove has something for you. You’ll find all the lessons very easy to follow. And you’ll also find that whatever questions you might have can be easily answered through the Community chat forum. The instructors will get back to you, and often other members will share their experiences as well.

We’re all here to learn and, maybe more important, to have fun.

Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Yay. Welcome! Nelson
Agree with Scott!

…also The amount of resources here is vast :star_struck: and always wowed with the cool approach - on how our amazing instructors teach and demonstrate … So happy for yah . You will surely ENJOY it! Pls keep us posted! :blush: Take care.

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