'Barry Harris' Voicings

Thank you for responding so quickly I appreciate it. Thank you for your offer. Would you mind giving me one more exercise that is about the same difficulty as the first exercise just so I can be sure I got it because I did use your clues and now I’d like to do it without the clues. Thank you very much

Hi @brad1 and everyone,

here’s a new melody exercise to harmonise with Barry Harris Voicings, have fun!


Thanks tuomo. I’m traveling it was a fun puzzle to work on on paper but I’ll test the results on my piano at home before I send them in.

Hey. Decided to play around with this and made the following recording. Not entirely BH voicings but I did add them where I saw fit. Feedback welcome :grin:

@jose2 sounds great!

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Hi Tuomo, Would you please look at this Barry Harris Drop 2 harmonization. Thanks.

Barry Harris Drop 2.pdf (1.9 MB)

@brad1, yes, all correct!

You really have understood the Barry Harris voicings! Now the next step is to make sure all the voicings sound as good as possible. For example, how would you harmonise the following chord progression:

Hint: Remember what we talked about alternating BH voicings; you can replace or add notes if needed (in this case the Edim over G7 propably is not the best option, as it alone doesn’t really sound like V to I).

Let me know if any questions,


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Thank you Tuomo. Here is the simplest thing I could think of (to me alternating BH voicings means going between maj6 and dom7b9). But maybe you mean something else.

Barry Harris G7 to C6.pdf (780.0 KB)

Sorry, I forgot the stems on the half note chords.

Looks great! You don’t necessarily need the second chord where melody changes, the first already works well.

And you’re correct, in this situation when the melody note demands a voicing that should sound strongly a dominant, I would already be thinking Abdim on the G7, and not D-6.

Here are some more options for you to check out for the G7 in this situation:

Let me know if any further questions,