An interesting site for fans of Jobim

As most of you know from my posts (if you read them), I’m a great fan of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Recently, I came across an amazing website that I wanted to share. It’s a labor of love from someone posting from Argentina who claims “23 years showing Jobim’s cultural heritage on the web.”

It seems that Jobim’s entire catalogue is listed with links to videos of a performance of each tune. It also has the lyrics. (Google translates them into English.) There is a wealth of information on this site that’s well worth exploring if you’re at all interested in Jobim–photos, his discography, and links to online radio stations that focus on Jobim and Bossa Nova in general. Under the section “Depositions,” there is a tribute book where the author says:

Here we celebrate a tribute to Jobim, a tribute space to our sovereign maestro, made by the people, by those who admire his legacy, his principles, his vocation for ecology, his enormous talent, his fine good taste, his rich collection.
This space is for you to participate… you can leave your impressions about the Maestro. My objective in creating this site 20 years ago, is fulfilled with every message of admiration for Tom, with the diffusion of his work, and in sharing this passion for good music.

Here is the site. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard: