An interesting bit about the Fazioli piano

This was on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. I thought you might find it interesting. In the video, Herbie Hancock says, “I have in my contract that I will only play a Fazioli piano. . . . It just feels elegant — it feels like a very rich sound — and it just begs you to play it.”

At any rate, enjoy. :musical_keyboard:


Awesome - thanks for sharing this Scott. An interesting video to watch. Here is an embed of the video for anyone wanting a quick peek at this:

After watching the Herbie Hancock Masterclass I always wanted to test a Fazioli piano in a music store, but I’ve not yet had the opportunity. Soon I hope! :star_struck:

If you’re interested in playing a Fazioli, you might be interested in a brilliant digital version. VI Labs, the same who created the Ravenscroft 275 virtual piano, have a Fazioli on offer as part of their True Keys collection It sounds great. According to their explanation,

True Keys Italian is the largest piano . . . and has the brightest sound. Often crowned the World’s best piano, the Fazioli F308© provides the sound for our Italian grand. At a staggering ten feet two inches in length, the instrument has immense power with long sustains and rich harmonics.

Alfonso Gugliucci, who has a website under the name of PianistaItaliano (and who has been mentioned in the forum before as someone worth following), has a brief review.

VI-Labs ITALIAN - YouTube

Gugliucci’s website is:

The VI Labs site is True Keys : Italian Grand

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Thanks Scott I’ll check out the Fazioli F308 virtual piano. It’s perhaps the closest we can get to playing on one in the current climate :grin:

And yes I am familiar with the channel PianistaItaliano - he has some wonderful jazz standard performances on there.


A final post on the Fazioli. I was looking for examples of the piano in action and was pleasantly surprised to find an album by Jovino.

Check out Jovino Santos Neto and Weber Iago, Live at Caramoor (2008 Adventure Music) on whatever streaming service you use. Two specially crafted Fazioli are used. (I couldn’t find any YouTube clips.) Of the session, a reviewer noted:

This music will be remembered as one of the finest live performances in jazz piano repertoire. Musicians of towering stature, a memorable program and pianos so perfect their sound will echo in the memory for a long time to come.

Here’s a link to the full review if you’re interested.

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