An AI companion you might come to love

You need to check out Moíses, a new AI-based tool for musicians.

It’s the most exciting learning/practice tool that I’ve seen in a long time. With the Premium version (which you’ll probably need for keyboards), you can drop a file and after a couple of minutes, it separates the tracks into Vocal, Drum, Bass, Piano, Other. From there, you can manipulate the tune however you need to. It gives you the tempo and the key (which can be transposed for vocalists, etc.) and includes a smart metronome that is spot on.

For me it’s perfect for practice and transcribing. You can mute the piano and play along with the rest of the instruments. You can mute the rest of the instruments and hear just the piano if you are transcribing. You can slow down/speed up and loop passages.

And it identifies each chord change in real time with near perfect accuracy!

(I ran a test and checked the chords against a transcription of a tune as it played.) For me, this is clearly an improvement over Transcribe!.

Whatever you set up can be exported as an MP3, WAV, or MP4 file, whether a single track or the whole tune (e.g., maybe you just want drums and bass). I decided to test it out with the Pedro Santos version of “Corcovado” that I’ve been using as a reference for study. I exported the entire tune with the piano muted and loaded the tracks into Logic. Now I’m set to practice soloing and comping to a very fine guitar solo in a real-time environment. It’s really pretty incredible. Now there’s no need to hunt backing tracks hoping to find the right tempo and instrumental setup. You can make your own in a matter of minutes. (Obviously this is not for commercial use–unless you’re loading your own tunes.)

Another plus is that it’s an app that is in constant development/improvement (with more than 30 million users). One of the beta experiments right now is section detection.

Moíses works with iOS, Android, and Mac. The Mac app version requires the new M-2 chip; but the web app version works perfectly with older Macs. There’s a limited free version and a premium one. The premium is a little over US$ 3.00/month or US$39.00/year. There is a lot more to the app, but you can check out a number of YouTube clips if you want the full details.

Note: for playback outside the app. you’re going to need a DAW. When you export the project as a whole it, it creates a zip file with one file per instrument. You’ll need to load each of those into their own regions.

Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Wow,sounds super interesting!

This is awesome @scott1 - thanks for sharing!

I tested it with Chet Baker’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily” and it’s remarkable how well the instruments are isolated.

The piano track is labelled “Other” and it can be completely silenced:

This is a real game-changer for practicing accompaniment.