An AI companion you might come to love, Part 2

I’ve been working a bit more with the app and thought I’d share my observations.

With regard to track separation, the Premium version allows you to use 5 tracks. There are two options for the 5-track mode:

1. Vocals--Drums--Bass--Guitar--Other
2. Vocals--Drums--Bass--Piano--Other

I started by using #2, muting the piano before exporting for use in Logic. That seemed logical. However, by doing that, the guitar was lumped into Other and didn’t come across quite as strongly as I’d like. So I did a second separation using #1, where guitar is listed and Piano is lumped in with Other. I then exported only the Guitar track and added it to my existing Logic mix. It seems to stand out better as accompaniment.

So now that I’ve got you totally confused :sunglasses:, let me clarify with these simple suggestions with regard to either of the two 5-track separation options. Before exporting:

  1. DON’T mute any track (including Smart Metronome).
  2. Use #1 if you want accompaniment for your playing.
  3. Use #2 if you want to transcribe.

After that, you can mix each track within Logic (or whatever DAW) however you want or need to. You’ll find that it’s not perfect, but if you play around you’ll start to see what works best for you.

I mentioned Smart Metronome. It works like a charm, and if your’re working within Logic, you can lower the track volume to the quietest, least invasive level possible (without affecting the project volume) while keeping you on track. I find it much easier to work with than Logic’s metronome.

*Really, Moíses is quite simple to use once you take a look at it. And there’s no need to use Logic or whatever. You can simply play the accompaniment or whatever on your iPhone, the web, or wherever you play along.

At any rate, here’s Pedro Santos’s “Corcovado.” That’s followed by a version of the app accompaniment that I bounced to give you an idea of how the app works. It’s not perfect, but when you play along, the imperfections aren’t noticeable. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard: