"Afternoon In Paris" - John Lewis

Hello Out There,

It frustrates me to ask for help, but if anyone is playing “Afternoon In Paris,” I would sure appreciate a suggestion for a chord progression at the very end of the bridge. The way it is notated is C#-7 (to F#7-No, no, not for me!) but then on to D-7, G-7, which are fine.
The F#7 just sticks in my craw. I have wasted many hours trying to find a progression I like.

Any suggestion from the creative improv players?
Many thanks for the help.

P.S. I limp along, then make a breakthrough, and then hit a wall that just drives me nuts. (It sure would speed up my progress!)


Try A7b9 instead of F#7.

I think the C# → F# measure is just a spacer to add interest since the previous two measures are basically a G7 (Dm9/G to G7b9), and the A section starts agin with a CMaj7.

Some suggestions:

  1. Hold G in the root and use sus chords and alterations in the RH;
  2. Use a 2-5 tritone sub in measure 3;
  3. Use chromatic 2-5 descent in measure 3;
  4. (my favorite) Coltrane changes.

See attached pdf, and hope this helps!
BridgeTransition.pdf (17.4 KB)

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