A new competitor for PianoGroove?

I came across Hans Groiner the other day, and I think I may have to switch piano teachers. I’ve watched all the videos and worked through the practice drills at PianoGroove, but until I heard Groiner’s explanation of sus and drop2 chords, I never really got it. His handling of passing chords and turnarounds is also very helpful.

In his profile at Smalls (the Greenwich Village jazz club), he discusses his interest in Theolonius Monk:

Although his music fascinated me, I had very mixed feelings. On the one hand, Mr. Monk had obvious talents, but on the other hand, his piano playing was very messy, and his songs had many funny notes and rhythms. Over the many years that I have been studying his music, I have grown to the conclusion that his songs would be much better, and much more popular, if many of the dissonances, or “wrong notes,” were removed. With my new CD, “Hans Groiner Plays Monk,” I have done just that.

You can hear an example of this in the opening of the video, which offers a brief overview of some of the instructional topics he covers.

Let’s try not to abandon Hayden all at once. :joy:


YIKES!!! I could not finish the video.

Hysterical :joy:. I like sus4… 4 as long as you like…

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Haha whats up with his wig lol :grinning:

Haha yes I’ve seen the Hans Groiner series… comedy genius.

There’s another guy on YouTube that does some similar sketches.

Here’s one:

He has a full playlist of them here - some of them are quite amusing :grinning:

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Hayden, I figured you knew about Hans Groiner.

Here is an example of his alter ego gigging with Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart. Groiner is . . . Larry Goldings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love the passing chords from one hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: to the other :raised_back_of_hand: :thinking:

Stumbled across this thread in the forum (last updated 18 months ago) but it was so funny that I thought it deserved to be bumped. Hans is fantastic, and Hayden should definitely try and recruit him as the next PianoGroove instructor; the livestream classes would be great fun!

It may be challenging as I suspect Hans may be retired, having last released a series of noted jazz scholar commentaries including an insightful interview with Sco:

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This is crazy! Lol, his explanations of the concepts are just ridiculous!

Very ridiculous, but he can hold his own on “Timeline” from Michael Brecker’s Time is of the Essence (Verve 1999). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. His solo begins around 3:05.

Larry Goldings (dear Hans) is the incredible keyboardist working for years as James Taylor’s one-man band, with John Mayer recently, and over 25 years with an on-going trio with Bill Stewart and Peter Bernstein. He’s well worth checking out.

Here are “Timeline” and “Strays.” Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Thanks for the links, I’ll check him out!

Those were great, Scott! Diversity (style, instrument) plus a bonus (Mr. Metheny).

I’m starting a cooking channel. Once you’ve tasted my drop two double diminished sus cordon bleu, you’ll never eat again. What’s the point, is what I’m asking.

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