A Guide to Soul Jazz

This was published on “Bandcamp Daily” on June 8. It’s a pretty informative and interesting brief overview of the subgenre soul jazz. Among the artists covered are Wild Bill Davis (organ), Bobby Timmons (piano), Grant Green (guitar), the great Shirley Scott (organ), and Charlie Rouse (sax/flute), who played for 10 years with Thelonious Monk. The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio at the end is pretty nice as well.

What’s nice is that it offers a musical link for each artist to supplement the discussion. It’s worth taking a look. Enjoy. :musical_keyboard:


“Delvon Lammar organ trio” love his version of Memphis so groovy

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Great article indeed.
Roy Ayers is one of my favourite artists and I had the pleasure seeing him perform live in England one time, and second time in Tel Aviv.

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Great find Scott! Thanks so much for sharing!