5 months to 2021 - Your 2020 Music Goals?

Hi there!

We’ve got 5 months (less than) to Year 2021 and thought I’d ask how you all are doing in your music goals, practices and PianoGroove journey…?

Do you have a particular target to finish before 2021?

On a positive note, I got to practice more this month and planning to (wish me luck!) learn and play one Jazz Xmas tune per month. I know it’s too early hahah… but I also know that Hayden’s arrangements are challenging and beautifully written /structured. (and will take me a month or moreee to learn per song :blush:)

  • Another target is to check out lessons/courses with vocal arrangements from Lyndol.

Looking forward to hear about your practices and what you’re up to :blush:
Take care and stay safe!


Hi Kristeta :wave:t2:

Nice idea for a thread.

I think it’s a great idea to start on the X-mas tunes now… Christmas always sneaks up on us early! :grinning:

We have both beginner and advanced arrangements of the X-mas tunes so there is something for all levels. The X-Mas medley is a nice place to start:

Also as your looking to check out Lyndol’s vocal arrangements, we have a few X-mas vocal lessons which you might be interested in:

Two birds with one stone! :sunglasses:



Wow. That is SuPer Nice! Thanks so very much! Hayden -
I better get going - practice mode on :grin: hahah
might be too much to ask … i was kind of looking for the piano emoticon? :blush:

PS> the first time I got to PianoGroove, really one of the highlights for me - was when I watched and heard your Christmas tune arrangements :heart: Can’t get enough of these! love it… :blush: can’t wait to hear other members’ take on any Xmas tune come Dec. - would be really exciting to listen to each others fave festive sounds…

Hope you are all well!