12 Bar Blues. Performed by PianoGroove member

This is a 12 bar blues that I wrote and performed. It is called “IT OVERLOAD BLUES”. It is voice and piano only. It is completely unmixed. I am waiting till I get a few more completed, then I will mix them at the same time. Technical aspects: It was recorded at home using Logic DAW, and a RODE NT2 microphone. The piano sound is “Pianoteq 7 STAGE”. The link below is to Soundcloud.


Thanks for sharing this @Trevor :clap:

I love the lyrical aspect and your groove and chord voicings sound great.

I enjoyed listening and I look forward to hearing more!

Trevor…that was so much fun…loved the lyrics!!! Thanks for sharing.

That was fantastic, @Trevor! Creative, well-crafted, and great fun to listen to.

The Pianoteq VST sounds terrific, and your vocal abilities are envious. I’ll look forward to hearing what this sounds like after mixing and processing, and also look forward to more tunes!

Question–did you layer the vocal recording or was this a real-time performance? I find it hard enough to coordinate LH and RH, and can’t imagine trying to coordinate LH, RH, and singing!

Thankyou Greg. I will explain my recording procedure. I practiced the song as much as necessary so I could play it live. First without the singing and then with singing. I then recorded the piano. I recorded the intro and solo separately, also the part B’s. I wasn’t quite sure how to voice those parts until later on in the recording process. I then did whatever editing was necessary. I am not a singer by any stretch, but have been doing vocal exercises for the last 2 years. My range has increased. Also the tone has improved in that time. I then worked out the melody on piano. The actual singing didn’t correspond to that piano melody. Actually it is to long to explain. I have done it many times before and understand the process. I use Melodyne at the end. I couldn’t do it without that program.

Thankyou Celia
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