Yamaha P-515 Keyboard

Does anyone have this keyboard? I am looking to upgrade my Casio Privia and have seen many good reviews on this one. I do not have any music stores near me, so will have to go on my research. I play an old refurbished Fischer Baby Grand which I love. it used to be an old player piano in the 20’s! However, I do like having a digital piano as well though for recording or using earphones as not to disturb the hubby. At any rate, I really want to get as close to a grand piano key touch as possible with the digital. I do not and will not gig…so that is not an issue. I just want a good digital piano for my own enjoyment. Thanks in advance!

It’s hard not being able to try it out. I prefer my acoustic Yamaha piano, but when I am practicing and making slow repetitive annoying sounds it’s nice to be able to turn the volume down or put earphones on. Main MUST HAVE feature on digital piano is to FEEL as close to real as possible on those keys. Other fellow Pianogroove’rs have more knowledge than me on this topic. Best to ya

Thanks Lori. I agree with you on the feel of the keys. This is one of the reasons I am looking at this particular model. “NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard action with escapement and synthetic ebony & ivory keytops utilize specially dried wood that was specifically chosen to give you the same response and feel as that of a grand piano keyboard. The keys drop away from the string-point in the same way it would on an acoustic grand.” Reviews seem to agree that the touch is close.

One thing I have found Celia is that there is a very mixed consensus on which digital piano most resembles an acoustic piano.

For me personally I love the touch and feel of Roland digital pianos. I wouldn’t say they most resemble an acoustic, but I just like the way the keys feel.

Definitely visit a big music store and try all of the models. I think if we are picking something that we will be playing everyday for the foreseeable future, it’s definitely worth trying all of the brands and models to find the one that we like best!

Thanks Hayden. I have also been eyeing the Roland FP-90. Both of these keyboards are on back order. I guess the pandemic has given people some extra time and they decided to get pianos! I do not live near a big city…so will probably have to just pick one of them. Actually, I will be playing my baby grand most of the time as I absolutely love it; however, I do want to get a good digital that I will be happy with for some years to come.

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I also had a Casio Privia (PX-5S) and upgraded. I know nothing about this keyboard. but after looking at the specs online, I’d say it was something well worth looking into. Like Hayden, I’m very fond of Roland keyboards. I have a Roland RD-2000, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It has a wealth of acoustic and electric pianos (and claviers and synths), and the feel/action is just wonderful. However, it’s nearly twice as much as the Yamaha P-515. Also, it has no speakers like the Yamaha (though you mention using headphones, so that may not be important to you). The action of the Yamaha sounds good, and the sounds are built around Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples. (Bösendorfer is always good.) From what I read, it seems like a good choice, though you never know until you get your hands on it.

At any rate, let us know what you wind up buying. It’s always interesting.

Thanks Scott for taking a look at it. I just saw a good video comparing the Roland PF-90 to the Yamaha P-515. I was very interested in the key action comparison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdsKhj1hSjU. I think I am now leaning towards the Roland, although it is a bit more expensive. The key action on the Yamaha appears to quite heavy. I really appreciate everyone’s input!

I appreciate everyone’s input. After noting that so many loved the Roland and watching the comparison video of the two keyboards side by side, I went with the Roland FP90. It is not as nice as the RD2000, but it will suit my needs. Thanks Scott for recommending Kraft Music in one of your threads. I got a bundle deal from them. It is backordered. Once I get it, I will let everyone know if I made the right decision! :grin:

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I see you’ve made your choice by now. I tried both the FP-90 and the P-515 and decided for the P-515 some time ago. It’s really personal; I hardly ever play acoustics so I didn’t have any target to match except how it felt to me.
Also, the P-515 has some nice features like being an audio device (if you hook it up to a PC), having external input (I play PianoGroove videos over my iPad out to mini-jack which then goes into the P515 so I hear that over the headphones). All in all physically trying them out is always good to avoid disappointments.

Hi Ruud,

It took me 2 1/2 months to get the Roland as it was on back order. I lucked out…I absolutely love the touch and feel of the keyboard. I agree that it is always better to try them out in person, however none were available at that time. I am happy to hear you enjoy your P-515. It sounds like you have a good setup!

Happy New Year!

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I have the Yamaha P515. I feel your pain. I ordered mine about a year ago and had to wait a couple of months to get it. From your description it sounds like the situation is even worse than it used to be.

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