XML or Sibelius Format

could the arrangements also be made available as xml or sibelius files? Then I can better incorporate my own ideas

Hi Alfred :wave:

We don’t currently offer downloads in XML format but this is something we may introduce in the future.

Most of the jazz standards can be downloaded in MIDI format which you can then pull into your notation software.

I will keep you posted with any news on the XML front.


i second that request, but for drills ., not for tunes.

there are no copyright issues to worry about when its’ just practrice sequences and not songs

i would find it useful to have all the major & minor voicings in 12 keys / 2 5 1 sequences PDFs available as xml.

a lot of what I’d like to do with them e.g. write our practice drills be putting stuff into different orders, or switching / combining clefs would then be an easy cut n paste process rather than a laborious re-enter all the notes. and type in all those chord symbols - ditto for changing layout to make stuff work better on different sized " screens" e.g. on a tablet or a monitor used as a virtual music stand.

e.g. one project I have in mind is getting all the rootless voicings written out on both treble and bass clefs. ( that info is all there already as downloads but on different pdfs - the bass clef stuff is on the rootless voicings PDF and the treble clef stuff is on a different set ( the whole step 251 exercices pdfs. )
i’d rather not have to type in all those notes if I could copy /paste what I want from various sources

i can do pdf merge operations with free software, so I can combine drills pdfs into a single document for easier practice, or I can split pdfs using windows print ( to pdf) then selecting a page range, but i cant easlly combine bits from different pdfs

Yes we can do that, I have added it to my to-do-list.

Perhaps we can create an XML repository for theory drills.

I will post updates here.


i started to mess with the free musescore program but decided I will not risk my fragile wrists with mouse damage, so I will stick to downloading other peoples transcriptions probably .
i did mentally write out what I’d like to do with 2 5 1s though & I think i can do it , albeit more slowly, without a crib sheet.
its to play a 251 set like this play a type A 251 in C, then a type B in key F, then type A in Bb. so that each key smoothly leads to the next. then repeat but start with type B in key C … so I’ve been applying that to your rootless stride drills…

one other idea for you to consider: when I aught, I used to give out blank pages of chord boxes, tab lines ( and so this could be done with single and double staves). i "made "these using whatever software i was using at the time- you can draw sets of 5 line sin word but they don’t look good.
you generate these in, say, musescore, to be used with pencil and paper for transcribing,I’d make a range of single and double clefs in different sixes until I found my optimum

you could put up some blank music score templates for students working on transcription exercises to print off as needed. single and double clefs, students can write in the treble or bass clef signs

transcribe , for me, was always a 2 step process ( pencil and RUBBER being essential). as I am the only reader for step 1, I di not bother much about rhythm notation, just get the note order scribbled down. then step 2 - actually type it into a program and work out the correct rhythm notation value - would come later, if I wanted a neat version to give to others

to check accuracy, use the " play" function on the software, to play your input, you quickly hear any typos that way.

musecore does “play” - at various speeds. i use the paid part of musescore.com a lot to look for useful scores, to save having to type my own, and an annual membership is useully hugely discounted . its also a reasonable source of leadsheets, often better formatted than whats in the various real books

@davidandbirds - here are the XMLs for rootless major 251s, and minor 251s:

Apologies for the delay here, I had a slip last weekend and sprained my ankle. Luckily nothing broken but a lot of swelling.

Anyhow let me know what you think to the above files and let me know if I can format them better on my side.

We can create a sticky thread here in the forum which lists all of the XML files for others to download and use if desired.


You suggested that Hayden put

some blank music score templates for students working on transcription exercises to print off as needed. single and double clefs, students can write in the treble or bass clef signs

You might check out this website:

Hope this helps.

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