Who has good ears?

I’m still developing my ability to understand what I’m listening to; for example to identify a flatted 5th just by hearing it. I’m “getting there” hearing stacked fourths etc.

Between now and then, is there anyone who could listen to this piece and tell me what the repeating piao chord progression is in the A section? https://youtu.be/f0HRSr3u9Vo

It’s called Pharoah Joy, Locke and Hazeltine.

I’ll just bet someone could easily say “Oh. That’s easy. It an upper structure, based off the 9th of the root.”

Bonus if you can tell me the chords of the B section when the bass starts walking!

Hi @Doug_Flather, here is the basic lead sheet of the changes, let me know if you hear any mistakes or have any suggestions!

Pharoah Joy.pdf (34.1 KB)

Here is a link to my forum on transcription/improvisation exercises, new ones posted weekly! Please check it out, you might find them helpful!

also let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for compiling this chord chart Tuomo :+1:

@Doug_Flather - definitely follow Tuomo’s weekly harmonic exercises to improve your aural recognition skills.

It is a very important part of our development as jazz pianists.

Tuomo, Hayden, Thanks so very much for taking the time to do this for me! I will very much engage with the harmonic exercises.

Kind regards,
Doug Flather

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