What Record Are You Listening To Today?

A wonderful jazz radio station from San Francisco.


You will hear a wide variety of modern players and improvisation on this channel - always very authentic.

I hope everyone is listening to more jazz, keep listening and sharing guys!

Listening is one of the most important skills you can develop.

I love it. I’m working on this song. It’s really challenging

Great… enjoy working on this one Micheal.

I think Stella deserves it’s own thread :smile: there’s so many recordings that are worthy of study!

Been trying to ID the two chords running through this one - tricky.


Really nice groove here Martin… thanks for sharing, I’ve not heard of these guys before and love their style… particularly the drummer!!

Over the first chord, the melody note is a Db, i usually work out the melody first as it helps rule out some chords.

Then I’m hearing a Gb at the bottom, the chord sounds bright, so maybe a Gb Major chord…

GbMaj9: Gb, Bb, Db, F, Ab, (Db) melody

Also adding an additional 9 at the bottom,

Gb, Ab, Bb, Db, F, Ab, (Db) melody

For the 2nd chord I’m thinking some kind of Gb7#5 chord… I hear D natural in the melody, but an octave down from the melody note of the 1st chord.

Again it’s a dense voicing with lots of reverb so a little tricky to work out.

Anyone else have any ideas? :slight_smile:


A great bluesy number from Gene Harris

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I’ve always been amazed by the accuracy of Oscar’s 2 handed runs!

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His small written studies for young pianists are really nice too, written with intelligence and talent as a teacher

A nice, although pretty advanced, reharm tutorial from Lot2learn on the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby…

Yes it’s a great resource Marc!

I’ve just uploaded a lesson on Swing Feel check it our here: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/play-swing-rhythm/

It could be nice to ply through the exercises in his book with a swing feel… it would work well on any of the exercises with 8th notes in the right hand - which many of them do.

We all have a lot of practice to swing like Oscar but hopefully one day :smile:


Some really nice stuff in there Marc… I’ve always enjoyed Lot2Learn’s performance videos… he’s a very talented musician!

Some interesting quartal applications in there with his 4th voicings.

7notemode playing an absolutely beautiful arrangement of “I Loves You Porgy”. I wonder what happened to this guy. He hasn’t posted anything on his YouTube channel or his website in a number of years. It’s a shame because he is/was such an enormous talent. This is another one I could just listen to all night.


Great performance of a lovely tune!

It has a similar tone to the Bill Evans solo piano recording.

I also like his trio version - particularly the improvisation starting at 1:20s.

This would be a great tune to cover.

Yes I would also love to hear more from 7notemode … he is certainly one of my favourite jazz piano talents on YouTube. Let’s hope he continues to post in the future Mark!

I had not heard the Bill Evans recordings. They were quite nice as well! Would be very cool if you could cover this tune in a lesson at some point.

On another note (no pun intended), I did a little digging around and found some pretty exciting software that I had not seen before. It’s called AnthemScore. It generates sheetmusic from an audio file. I downloaded the free trial and tried it on the first 30 seconds of both the 7notemode and Bill Evans solo recordings of Porgy. It actually worked very well! Going to play around with it some more, but it looks very promising.

Yes we will definitely cover that tune.

The AnthemScore software looks very interesting Mark… I wasn’t aware that it was possible to convert an audio file into notation.

Please send over one of the output files, or perhaps upload to this thread… I’d be very interested to see the result.

I noticed that the output is in music XML format too, I actually pull these files into Sibelius to make the transcriptions. Ian, one of our students creates the XML file for me using a midi file i send him. I find it fascinating where modern computer technology meets music production and notation… Interesting stuff!

Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is, the AnthemScore software seems to work very well at correctly identifying and printing the notes. That alone will save an enormous amount of time and effort when transcribing an audio file. The bad news is, the sheet music is pretty unconventional and not something you would want to sight read or publish. I’m attaching the PDF files from the 7notemode recording of “I Loves You Porgy” and your performance of “Misty” in the opening of the “Misty” standard tutorial. The forum system wouldn’t let me upload the XML files. I can email them to you if you’d like.

Misty Jazz Piano Tutorial Lesson PianoGroove.pdf (36.5 KB)
I Loves You Porgy - modal version – jazz piano solo.pdf (188.2 KB)

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Mark thanks for sharing these.

To be honest I think that output is pretty good.

Even when converting .midi to notation, the notes are rarely aligned with the bar lines and it always takes considerable adjustment. The left hand is particularly troublesome because notes are held down and then additional ‘voices’ added in the middle of the chord.

For all transcriptions, Ian - one of our Australian students - creates something similar from a midi file, then he aligns the chords up accurately so that the chords are placed in the correct bars. He then passes the XML file over to me and i run it through Sibelius to add the internal voices, ensure the rhythms are correct and generally try to notate the arrangement as accurately as possible.

Ian and myself will definitely be using this AnthemScore software moving forwards. Thanks very much for sharing it!!

ps. I have enabled .xml format uploads so that should work fine now. I think it’s important that we can share every type of file extension on here.

Great technology !
That will be really a great help !

I’m amazed by all this wonderfull technology (notation, computer sounds…)

))) Now, I’m just waiting for an hospital to get genetic improvement an neuronal transplantation to get a little talent)))))

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