What is your piano model?

Yes I’d say go with your own preference as Pierre suggests.

I don’t think there will be a huge amount of difference between them.

My personal preference is the Roland FP-30. I like the matt effect on the black keys on Roland keyboards, sometimes I find the black keys can be overly laminated and shiny on other brands :grinning:

I also like the touch and feel of Roland keyboards. That’s just my preference though!

Play on each one for 30 minutes in the music shop and I’m sure you will find your favourite.

I’m currently using an FP-30 with the pedal bar at the bottom. It keeps the unit very study and I prefer this over the regular keyboard stand. It makes the keyboard slightly less portable but if you don’t plan to move it regularly I would recommend the mount and pedal bar.


I have a Roland RD-2000 and I love it. The keyboard has a great real feel to it with 88 real weighted, wooden keys.

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Welcome to PianoGroove! I’m also using an RD-2000, and I agree it has both a great feel and sound (or better said, sounds). Let us know how you’re getting on with the program and our community. Have fun. :musical_keyboard:

I’m interested to try out the Roland RD-88 when I’m next in a music store:

It seems like a nice balance between onboard sounds, and portability:


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I play a Kawai VPC1 with Keyscape or Ivory for serious practice and gig with a Roland A88 / Nord Stage2 combo.

And there’s a 1968 Hammond B3 behind me but being a piano player, it’s like wrestling a very angry bear.


Hi Everyone,

I noticed that some of your are using Roland FP30 such as I. However, recently I noticed an issue that one of the keys (D2 in my case) plays louder than other keys.

Did anyone here had this issue?
It’s a bit annoying specially when playing chords with D2 in it because it’s loud the chord doesn’t sound right.


Hi Scott

What brand and amplifier is useful for digital pianos like Roland and Yamaha?

I’m interested as thinking of the RD2000 or similar digital keyboards.


I suppose it would depend on how you plan to use it. I have a Roland KC-400. It’s more than adequate for home use. How it would fare in a professional setting I have no idea. I have that amplifier because it came in a bundle. It sounds good, but I have rarely used it. Because I live a block of condos, I always use headphones. (I suppose that makes my neighbors happy, especially since I usually play for a couple of hours between 1:00 and 3:00 am. :sunglasses:) The 'phones I use are Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Great sound and comfortable even for extended periods.

If you’re in the market for a keyboard, check companies like Kraft or Sweetwater (if you’re in the US). A lot of times you can find a bundled package that might include the keyboard, cables, pedals, a bench, stand, etc. I bought all my stuff from Kraft. There are many fine keyboards available, but I can tell you that I’m very satisfied with the RD-2000, for what that’s worth. It just has a nice feel to it.

Have fun figuring out what to get. Let us know when you do. Cheers!

Hi Ariel,

Yes that sounds annoying.

I have been using multiple FP30 for the last few years and I’ve never experienced a key playing louder than another.

Last month I did have a problem with the Ab key making a slight clicking noise when pressed down, but the issue fixed itself.

Is your keyboard still under warranty? I believe Roland offers a 1 year after the purchase date. The only annoying part is that you would need to send them your piano which can take time with postage, in particular with the current COVID crisis.

I did a quick search and found some information here - https://sickamps.com/piano-/-keyboard-fixes/my-keyboard-has-keys-louder-than-others.html

I would definitely send it to a repair shop instead of trying this myself.

Hope that helps.

I fear all digital piano can be affected of such problems

when you open and see how the contact for playing a note is done , you will ever wonder it last so long =) . A piece of rubber with graphite element for the contact

so if your piano under waranty dont hesitate to email with the support of Roland piano or your reseller

other way you may wanna to repair it yourself and if your handy … clean all contacts and in particulary those which are too loud or not sounding right… nowadays digital have three contact for three velocity and probably from one of it comes the problem .

good luck

oh Hayden answer ye you can see how it works, nice link .

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Hi Hayden,

I bought the piano 2 years ago so I don’t have the warranty. I think i’ll just manage with it as it is for the meanwhile, maybe the that sound will be my signature sound with D a bit louder than others :smiley:

I think I’m gonna look for second hand stage nord 3 as it has synths and other capabilities I’m looking for, or in 2 months I’m planning to move to a bigger apartment so hopefully I will look for an accoustic one as well :heart_eyes:

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Oh good news if you can afford a nord stage 3 . Have you check the last Grand piano from Nord seems a great one with the keyaction of Kawai . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBqA8eYzPLc

probably the one i would choose today

Hi Pierre,

I can afford it but my wife can’t if you know what I mean :grinning:
I’m looking for nord stage second hand my teacher said that sometimes people sell it for with 50-60% off. If I can find a second hand in a good shape I think I’ll go for it.

The Grand does look wonderful and sounds wonderful also. Just checked the price for a new one here in Israel and it’s around 4000$ ahh why did I get married.

Hey Ariel

I fully undestand , i am married too :rofl:

but recent Nord stage are rarely very solded at 50% . i look for one long time and never find such price ; they are often less expensive in some reseller that are moving or when a new version is coming. I find my electro nord this way and it was 200 euros less than second hand . They are really in demand … good luck in your search … fingers crossed.

Hey all,

This is my first forum post here and its a much easier way to contribute than posting a video of me playing :wink: I used to play in rock and psychedelic / experimental bands ages ago so getting something that had a wide range of sounds i could play with as well as strong grand and upright piano sounds was really important. Im an obsessive comparison shopper but eventually went with the yamaha cp-88 and love it. It wasnt cheap but its better priced than nord models and has a great keybed and control panel.

Also want to put a note in for any people shopping for new keys: dont use it as a reason to avoid playing the keys you already have! Its too easy to spend time trying to upgrade your playing with a purchase instead of practice :slight_smile:

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Hey and welcome Darrell

You find your piano and thats what only matters … theres great different digital pianos and the only things that matters is that we have pleasure playing it … i agree

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I have a Roland GP609 Baby Grand… I figured I wanted the Grand piano feel and the ability to be digital. The best of both worlds!


Welcome to the PianoGroove community @leomoranti

Your piano space looks beautiful, thanks for sharing.

I agree it’s always nice to have the digital functionality.

I haven’t played on a Roland GP609 but I will have to check one out next time i’m in a music store.


ps. I just read your bio and it made me laugh. I agree with you logic to pursue the guitar :grin:

Anyhow, welcome back to the piano and if I can help you with anything you are working on or if you’d like some course/lesson suggestions, just let me know. Here to help.

wOW Beautiful baby ! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :star_struck: Welcolme !

Hi @Pierrot

I always want it to have an acustic piano since I was a child, but my parents could never afford it. Last year, my partner surprised me with a british manufactured acustic piano (Marshall & Rose) build in 1962. He found it in a very good shape in a second hand shop.

Playing on an acustic piano not able to be digital has its advantages and disadvantages. But from my point of view the advanteages are more than disadvantages. I really like the bass sounds and the feeling of the natural reverberation of the strings when played well. I don’t want to miss this.

My biggest dream is to play on a Steinway grand piano standing all by itself in a huge room where the acustics will be amazing…dream on :sleeping::thought_balloon: