Welcome To Our Vocal Accompaniment Section - Please Read

Hey I’m Lyndol Descant, musician and composer, originally from Texas but currently teaching and gigging actively in Brooklyn and greater NYC. Many of you might already know me from my lessons here on PianoGroove.

I’m excited to have this forum section to connect with Piano Groove students directly. As a singing pianist, I have that unique perspective knowing first hand what a singer wants from her/his accompaniment, as well as how to provide that as the pianist.

Tips, Insights, & Advice On Vocal Accompaniment

I’m going to offer tips, videos, insights into how to further your own skill as an accompanying pianist, and/or singing pianist. I’ll offer some guidance and structure for those of you who need help maintaining a practice schedule.

For those of you who like to sing, you’ll find some great ways to expand and strengthen your singing voice whilst building skill as a pianist.

Help & Encouragement To Get Out & Play!

I want to help encourage each of you to take steps to get out and play with other musicians, form healthy musical collaborations as well as inspire you to create and share your music in joy and confidence.

I invite you to engage with me here on whatever level you like - with questions, discussions, and videos of your own.

We will support each other to be the best musicians we can be, coming from a place of community. Musicians Unite!

But I’m a big fan of baby steps, so we’ll take it step by step. And I’ll meet each of you where you are presently, in your musical journey.

As long we don’t give up, we’ll all get where we dream of being – it’s only a matter of time.

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I look forward to sharing my musical voice with you.