Walking Basslines Revealed! 🎹

Howdie PianoGroovers :cowboy_hat_face:

I was super excited to launch this lesson so I stayed up a little past my bedtime.

Without further ado, Walking Basslines Revealed:

The basslines can be downloaded on the lesson page, and also here:

Walking Basslines.pdf (203.9 KB)

Print this out and stick it close to your piano.

Also pay attention to Tuomo’s recommendation about listening to bass players.

Listening is the source of all inspiration. The PDF Tuomo has put together is what he has discovered from listening to the best bass players to ever live.

Whilst this lesson will help give us an ‘ah-ha’ moment… if we are not regularly listening to jazz, we will not be getting the most out our jazz piano jouney.

Goodnight from rainy Manchester :uk: