Walking Bass Line Lessons From 4 Teachers

I’m commonly asked about walking bass lines and so I thought it would be nice to create a walking bass line thread which links to all the lessons we have available on walking bass.

If anyone has any questions on this style of playing we can also discuss in this thread.

Walking Bass Line Lessons Ordered By Difficulty

I’ve roughly organised these lessons by difficulty. If you’re new to walking bass start with the lessons at the top of this list:

Walking bass line lessons taught by Hayden:

Walking bass line lessons taught by Steve:

Walking bass line lessons taught by Tuomo:

Walking bass line lesson taught by Robert:

  • Walking Bass Lines On Hammond Organ - This lesson does not have the light up midi keyboard because we recorded on a Hammond B3. Robert shares a lot of great tips and insight so I highly recommend everyone checks it out - not just students interested in jazz organ.

I will update this thread as more walking bass lessons are created.

Walking Bass Lines Humour

Here’s a bit of walking bass line humour to end the post, taken from @marc421812’s thread -

I hope this roundup is useful and any questions with the lessons let us know. Enjoy learning to walk those bass lines!


yeah nice idea ! :smiley:

Nice!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

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