Walking Bass for Solo Piano


Is there anything on how to play a walking baseline when playing solo piano ? Any advice appreciated


Hi Lester :wave:

Yes here are some solo piano walking bass lessons.

I recommend to start with the jazz blues form. It’s a short 12 bar form and it contains both a major and minor 251 progression. Of course the 251 is the most common progression in jazz music and so it’s important to learn how to navigate it from a walking bass standpoint.

  • Walking Bass Lines On Hammond Organ - This lesson does not have the light up midi keyboard because we recorded on a Hammond B3, but Robert shares a lot of great tips and insights for constructing walking bass, so I highly recommend to check out this lesson.

  • F Jazz Blues Walking Bass - this lesson by Tuomo follows the same jazz blues form as above and you will see a lot of similar principles between the lessons.

Here’s a lesson which shares some tips for walking bass with octaves.

Finally, you might like to check out some of the lessons in my course on “Walking Bass & Bluesy Tunes” where we explore harmonic considerations and apply to Autumn Leaves & Summertime:

I hope that helps!