Walk ups and walk downs

Enjoyed the In A Sentimental Mood seminar immensely. Could you say more about diatonic and/or chromatic walk ups and walk downs? How to construct them? Where do you use them? Thanks.

Good question Wendy, and I’m glad you enjoyed the seminar!

Here is some more information and some useful links:

Walk Up Using Diatonic 7th Chords

This can be applied to any 251 progression. In the seminar we applied this to the 251 progression in the A Section of “In A Sentimental Mood”:

This walk up connects the ii-7 chord (G-7) and the V7 chord (C7) and I use the following diatonic 7th chords from the F Major Scale:

I walk up from the G-7 → A-7 → Bbmaj7 → C7.

To add a little more interest to the V7 chord I play C9sus → C13b9 and then resolve into F Major. Here is a visual demonstration:

Here are the voicings on their own:

We can transpose those exact voicings to the key of Eb Major:

Also look for opportunities to apply to other jazz standards. For example here is the same progression in Eb Major used as an ending for the tune “Misty”:

As an exercise take this around different keys and apply to different tunes that you are working on.

Walk Ups & Walk Downs In Gospel Blues

Finally, these 2 tutorials contain some gospel blues walk ups / walk downs.

The voicings used in these lessons have more of a bluesy flavour, but the underlying concept is the same which is approaching the V7 chord with passing chords:

Have fun playing around with this stuff!


That was great Hayden! Thanks for the examples!

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Wow! I hadn’t explored the Gospel masterclasses because I didn’t want to add to my already-full plate; but this all compliments what I have been working on, fills in a lot of gaps in my knowledge from a formerly unconsidered perspective. And it looks like a helluva lot of fun too. Thank you.

Awesome - i think you will enjoy the lessons above Wendy.

The harmonies and voicings are easy to follow and full transcriptions are in the Downloads section if that’s of interest.


Hi, Hayden. Your Misty is wonderful. Do you have a transcription? Have a link?


Thanks Richard!

You can find a full seminar here on the tune “Misty” where we explore the voicings I played above and also more reharmonisation techniques:

It’s on my to-do-list to transcribe the notation for that seminar, i will get that done asap.

In the interim, everything is broken down in the seminar above so check that out. There is chaptering and slow down controls so that you can catch everything being played.

Yes, adding the gospel material is clearly part of Piano Groove’s diabolical design to keep me subscribed in perpetuity! :wink:

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