VSL has a limited-time sale on their piano VSTs

Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) has a group of the most amazing virtual pianos available. I have the Synchron Steinway D-274 and Fazioli F308, and I know that at least one of our fellow PianoGroovers also has the Steinway D-274.

VSL is having a sale on its keyboards, and their promotional prices are available August 16 – September 4, 2023. They’re still prciey, but well worth the investment.

If you’re interested, I’d strongly recommend buying the full library version. It gives you the greatest control in shaping your sound.

Here’s a link to their offer. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


I’m downloading the F308 right now @scott1 !

(well I started yesterday…it takes awhile).

for those that are interested, there’s an option for a 30day free demo.


Yea, the downloads are incredibly slow (like 36 hours sometimes). If this computer dies, I’m ordering the hard drive for €195. It contains all the pianos. If you decide to reload or buy another, it’s pretty much point and click. It’s worth it for the time it saves.

Did you get the full or standard library?

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Full (on a 30 day trial) but I haven’t been able to use it. Seems like it installed correctly and the iLok license is OK, but the samples don’t load. I’m a little low on drive space and I’ll try it tomorrow on a portable SSD to see if that solves the problem.


Contact user support. I’ve had installation problems in the past.

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