Upcoming Bossa Nova Tutorials - Cast Your Votes Now!

Hey Brazilian/latin Groovers :palm_tree::beach_umbrella: :sunglasses:

Here’s our list of requested Bossa/Samba/Latin tunes to cover over 2019.

These will most likely all be covered by Jovino as he has an unparalleled level of insight and experience with this style of music.

As usual we gets 5 votes each, and when the tune has been covered, we can change our vote to something else… so keep visiting the thread for updates.

I’ve voted… make sure we all cast our votes!

  • Aguas de Março
  • Song For My Father
  • Besame Mucho
  • The Look Of Love
  • Road Song
  • Spain
  • Looking Up
  • Aquarela de Brazil
  • Manha de Carnaval aka Black Orpheus
  • Bola Sete
  • Tranquility

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This is a playful uptempo take on Besame Mucho by Luc Escolano. It’s still mellow enough to feel cocktail but with lots of pizzazz too. I love the way he improvises but always manages to take the tune back to the main melody.


I know you’ve got a fixed list, but I just thought I’d put this up there to see if it might be of interest. It’s “Pra Dizer Adeus,” written by Edu Lobo y Torquato Neto. The album is Oceana by Till Brönner, a fine German trumpet player. The vocal is by Luciana Souza. The piano by Hans Groiner :stuck_out_tongue: (aka Larry Goldings).

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