"Two For The Road" - Henry Mancini

I found this on YouTube and bought it on iTunes. Steve Kuhn, I haven’t even heard of. But, I love this rendition of “Two for the road”. He embraces the feeling of the lyrics. Although he has as bass player, I hope to develop an arrangement in this style.

Lovely recording @TomLC - I agree his melodic phrasing is very lyrical.

The arrangement I have created is fun to play, I’m excited to teach it on Saturday.

Most of the seminar will be harmony-focused which you can then combine with the interesting melodic phrasing in this recording.

Here are a couple of other nice recordings:

Two For The Road (Live) · Marian McPartland’s Hickory House Trio

I like to use the C Section as an intro as Marian does here:

Two For The Road · Fred Hersch

Lots of very delicate inner voices in this recordings which I like:

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Really looking forward to Saturday’s seminar. Here are couple of takes that might give us some ideas on how to approach “Two for the Road.” The first is from Larry McKenna’s album Profile. It’s sax oriented, but the piano is quite good and gives a look at comping the tune. The second is Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Thanks for sharing @scott1 - I love the ‘dance’ between the sax and the piano on the Larry McKenna recording. Really great stuff. That recording is in Bb Major and I have arranged the tune in G Major which I believe is the original key.

The harmony of “Two For The Road” is somewhat similar to “Embraceable You” which I also arranged in G Major:

Both tunes play on the relative major/minor connection with most of the harmony bouncing between G Major and the relative E Minor.

I’m aiming to notate the rough arrangement of “Two For The Road” before the seminar tomorrow.

Two For The Road looks a bit difficult. A lot of slash chords. I copied it right from the Real Book.

I’ve created a new thread on this tune to keep things a little more organised.

The chapters have been added the archived seminar:

Here are the associated downloads:

Enjoy the seminar!

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