The way you look tonight - Tony Bennet

I’m working on Hayden’s two videos . I love the way Tony Bennet sings it, and have always been intrigued by the piano accompaniment, which is so simple and understated, but which fits in perfectly with his interpretation. It turns out that his pianist and music director, Ralph Sharon, introduced him to “I left my heart in San Fransisco”, persuaded him to move into jazz arrangements rather than pop music, and accompanied him for 40 years.

I’m trying to transcribe some of the accompaniment, particularly his lead into the bridge.

The bridge as written in the Pianogroove lead sheet doesn’t seem to be the same as Tony Bennet’s version. In the first two bars the PDF has the chords of Ab and Adim for a whole bar each. Tony Bennet sings both within one bar. Not sure whether that’s an error or just a variation.

Anyway, here’s the original, with Ralph Sharon’s great accompaniment. Brilliant.



Lovely recording George - thanks for sharing.

It’s great that you are transcribing from your favourite recordings in addition to watching the lessons on PianoGroove. That’s what I recommend to all students as the ‘next level’ of study after learning an arrangement.

Transcription is hands down the best way to enhance our arrangements and to make them our own with little things that we can pick off our favourite recordings.

There are always variations in the harmony when comparing different recordings of a tune. Also with vocal recordings they are often performed in different keys to the original to suit the range of the vocalist which can ad an extra layer of complexity to the task of transcribing.

Have fun with this! :sunglasses:

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I’ve since looked back at the PDF and I misread it. The timing is the same as the recording. My error.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m really enjoying this song and the variations in harmony you suggest. Until I joined Pianogroove I never really analysed the pieces I played. I just played a g7 chord for a g7 chord. I’m learning a lot from the way you approach lead sheets and get the most out of them.