The Lydian approach of harmony

OH :astonished:

another astronomical lesson … i am floating in orbit again …

Jovino really want to mislead us … maybe to force us asking question … or is it just introduction to other lessons he will share here ??

i’m completely lost in space after this lesson again… :night_with_stars:

Hey Pierre :wave:

Yes “The Lydian Concept Of Tonal Organisation” by George Russell is certainly not a light read. The contents of that book could easily constitute an entire course of full-length lessons, and not just a 5-min masterclass :grin:

I agree that more lessons and more demonstrations on this topic would be a nice addition to our syllabus.

I find that with many concepts in jazz, they often don’t make sense to me to begin with. I’ve personally been mulling over the diminished realm of the piano for the past 6 months… how those 3 scales do not determine a specific key or tonality, but yet they are so intertwined and connected to tonal harmony.

My mind wanders in and out of understanding and I’m yet to grasp the concept completely but I know it will ‘click’ in my brain one day.