"The Art Of Composition" course with Jovino

Hey everyone :wave:

We have a composition course coming soon where Jovino demystifies the art of composition and explores the role of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Jovino then breaks down the creative process that went into a selection of his own compositions.

Here’s a preview into the course:

More updates to follow shortly.


Sounds very interesting! :musical_keyboard:

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Hi Guys,
Can hardly wait, I was doing a sort of la la la, or something like tiddly tiddle tum, trying to create original phrases, and now Jovino comes with this course, wow, that is amazing. I was also reading somewhere, that what you should do is like what is called Parroting, which means you make up a line, which is the question and then with your voice firstly try to give an answer, and before you know it you could have four lines of question and answer. The writer of that article also said you can determine the structure of the bars doing this whether four quarter notes or something else etc etc. So really looking forward to what you say about that Jovino

So back to what I am listening to, this is wonderful, it sounds just what is needed to get the creative juices flowing.

Thanks Guys a wonderful addition


Bill k


Hi Jovino,

This looks great…!! Looking forward to future additions to this Course.

Bring it on…!!!

Cheers, Dave

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Jovino’s course on composition is now published:

Also don’t miss Jovino’s live seminar tomorrow on composition. Add to calendar and submit your questions here:

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Thanks very much, this is awesome! :blush: