Study One-To-One With Lyndol

Private Lessons With Lyndol

I offer both face-to-face and online private lessons. Though I intend to provide all you need through the PianoGroove site, I know from my own experiences as a musician that there are times when you will want one to one time with an instructor. Since the voice is a deeply personal instrument, it can be helpful for vocal students to have a private setting with direct feedback for quantum leaps in skill.

For voice lessons, I will help run you through warm ups and breathing exercises that will provide insights into your voice, it’s strengths and weaknesses. We can trouble shoot any particular issues you might have. In many cases, I can help to reassure and build confidence just through my constructive feedback, small tweaks and overall advice.

For accompanying pianist, I can provide guidance and insight on how to accompany a singer (and plenty of it, just ask Hayden;)

If any PG students would like to further their vocal or accompaniment studies with one to one direct attention, I’m offering a discounted rate. Please see the link below to contact me directly.