Stormy Monday in the Key of G


I sometimes feel very demanding as an online student of yours. But my heart aches to play certain blues a certain way… I am doing Dritin Blues in F. And it sounds awesome for now.
I recently requested: Everyday I have the Blues in Bb, and you have indicated that you will accomodate me.
I have one more for you, and I promise to leave you alone , at least for a while. :slight_smile:
For the Blues in "G " Can you please teach this arrangement of Stormy Monday? It’s the best arrangement that I have ever heard. And it has all the gospely blues bells and whistles. Please:

Hey @glenn1

Thanks for sharing the video and yes I can certainly break down some of the elements here.

I have transcribed some of the melodic ideas from Ray Charles’ “Everyday I have the Blues in Bb” and applied the same ideas to the slow blues in F. I’m working on these improv-focused lessons this week.

Please feel free to share any other videos or recordings that you like and I will be sure to incorporate the ideas into the new blues lessons where possible.

I’ve added the turnaround module to the new slow blues course and a couple of lessons on space fillers.

Talk soon!