Stem separation from recordings

Logic Pro has recently released a free update that allows for easy stem separation from recordings, similar to Stemroller. With a single click, it breaks down a recording into four parts: vocals, drums, bass, and other. I’ve quickly tested it with a few different types of songs, and while the stem separation does introduce artifacts and glitches to the sound quality, I think it could be useful and fun for transcription and playing along with recordings.

Here’s a short sample of Weather Report’s Birdland. It’s quite impressive how it manages to pick out the bass even though the bass stem moves in the upper register. The second example is a separated piano track from Chick Corea’s Matrix. Followed by the same riff slowed down.


Thanks for sharing @MikeS

This feature and ChromaGlow are only available on silicon Macs. The AI session players and Chord track work on Intel Macs.

I’ve just upgraded to v. 11 and am looking forward to playing around with it.