"Spread Grooves Not Germs" - Share with your friends & family

Hi PianoGroovers :wave:

Last week I put together a page containing 20 lessons from our team of 7 teachers.

For each of our courses on PianoGroove, a lesson is freely accessible to allow students to try the teaching format and to experience the style of our teachers.

As most of the world is now in confinement I thought it would be a nice idea to collate these lessons onto a single page to share the musical expertise of our teachers with those who are locked down and looking for entertainment, musical inspiration, or both! :grinning:

Spread Grooves, Not Germs:

Here is the page, separated by each of our teachers:

Please feel free to forward, share, email, text, etc… to friends and family.

There are some great lessons on the page and I think that even non-musicians would find it interesting to watch the tutorials and learn from our talented team of teachers.

From myself and the team at PianoGroove, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in this unprecedented time.


Brilliant idea. I’ve shared this with a neighborhood internet group. Thanks!

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