Spicing up 2-5-1 drills

Hi Hayden,

In your written instructions for 251 drills, you ask that we play eventually play them with iREalPro in swing rhythm, and then that we try “comping with the chords by playing them multiple times per bar and by syncopating the rhythm.“

Is there somewhere where you have demonstrated this? If not, could you?


Hi @MaryVivian and welcome to the community area!

Yes I did create a tutorial on that, back in 2018 I believe, you can find that here:

The video quality of our lessons has improved significantly since then (in particular showing the correct enharmonic equivalents for #'s and b’s) and so I will re-record an updated version of this.

In fact it is on my agenda to re-record the whole rootless voicings theory lessons when I find the time. I’m sure the above lesson will help in the interim

251s In Descending Whole Steps

Another recommendation to spice up your 251 exercises would be to practice with the iRealPro using 251s descending in whole steps, here’s a thread where you can download a 251 backing track in whole steps:

(see the 3rd thread down by user “Jpcannavo”) and I show in the lesson above how to add these practice tracks to iRealPro. You can find a myriad of practice tracks in the iRealPro forums covering all types of drills and progressions imaginable.

I will post updates here on the new backing track practice lessons and I think it would be nice to add them to our course on whole step 251 drills perhaps in a “backing track” module:

Check out that course too if you haven’t already :sunglasses:

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Hayden, when you do the update, and/or a “backing track module” (which would be great!), would you demonstrate syncopating the rhythm? Would you also, to make it even more fun, demonstrate additional inner voices?

I would like my practice drills to sound a but more “jazzy” than they do now.

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