Something for us stay-at-homes now

Several have said that they’re honing in on their 251 practice during this crazy stay-at-home time. A little before that, I started trying to get my head (and hands) around the progression. I’d strongly recommend checking out Luke Gillespie’s Stylistic ii/V7/1 Voicings for Keyboardists. Gillespie is a professor of music in jazz studies at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

It has 10 chapters that take you from the basic guide tones through basic diatonic chords and scales, dropped notes, altered dominant chords and scales, rootless voicings, minor chord voicings, tritone substitutions, other chord substitutions, quartal and quintal voicings, contrapuntal voicings, and bitonal voicings.

There’s plenty to keep you busy. You’re looking at something designed for a two-semester course here.

Beginner or more advanced, there’s something of interest here. The chapter on contrapuntal voicings is quite advanced, including 12 pages focusing on the inner voicings of Bill Evans.

And to give you a listen of Gillespie, here’s “Beautfiul Love” with Tierny Sutton.

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Hi Scott,

I agree - this is a great book…!!

Cheers, Dave

Nice haunting piano!!! Never heard of this fellow.