Slow Jazz Recommendations

I recently came across the “Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers” recording by the pseudo-name Milos Foreman. The identity of the artist seems to be well hidden, but he/she appears to be related or the same as the “Trio From Rio”, “Sassy Players”, “Ellie & The Bunch”, “Williamsburg Quartet”, and “Ilya Mann”. Maybe it’s Hayden.

In any case, it’s slow and sad and I love it. Please recommend more!

Hi Tim :wave:

Thanks for the consideration… but I’m not yet at the point in my career to go under a pseudo-name :grin:

This sounds interesting… Can you share one of the recordings? Perhaps a YouTube URL?

When I Think “Slow & Sad”, lots of Bill Evans’ music springs to mind.

When Bill recorded “My Foolish Heart” - jazz had rarely been played at such a slow and relaxed tempo before:

A New Sound After The Bebop Era

If you think of what came right before Bill Evans, it was the bebop and hard bop eras which can be very fast and frantic. And so in that sense, he was pioneering a new sound.

Bill was certainly adept at playing bebop and hard bop, but he is perhaps most well known for his slower, emotive, ‘cool’, style of playing. That side of his playing has always resonated more with me personally.

So… I would definitely recommend starting with some Bill Evans recordings.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

Bill Evans “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your LIfe”

Okay so this record turns into a swing feel halfway through, but the start and end are beautifully sad and melancholy.

Bill Evans: Porgy

After Scot Lafaro’s death, Bill only performed this tune solo piano for a long period of time. He was overcome with grief from Lafaro’s tragic death. Evidently, by this recording, he did start to play and record the tune again in a trio setting.

Bill Evans - The Peacocks

Here’s an unusual tune. I love the minor harmonies. It has a somewhat sad and somber tone.

Hope this gives you some inspiration Tim.

If you’d like to share some of the recordings you’ve been listening to, I’m sure I will be able to provide more recommended musicians and recordings for you to explore.

I think this will work…

Yes very down-tempo and laid back.

Reminds me a little of this Bossa Nova album “Piano de Bossa”

This music is played with a bossa nova feel, but also has a slow and laid back vibe.