Slow Blues For Beginners Course

Hey everyone :wave:

My “Slow Blues For Beginners” Course is coming together and I have uploaded the finished lessons to the course page below:

The ‘turnaround module’ is now complete which covers a selection of turnaround ideas and principles.

The first 2 lessons in the ‘space fillers module’ are published. The other lessons in this module are currently being edited and they will be added to the course page in the coming days.

I’m starting the improvisation lessons this week which will reference a selection of blues recordings and we analyse the techniques used to create improvised solos over the 12 bar blues form.

It’s also worth noting that the first module is the “course introduction” video broken into 4 shorter lessons to make the contents more actionable and easier to review.

More updates to follow!


Hey Hayden,
Thank you for this Course.
It Could be more helpful if you spend some time to generate some pdf pages to ilustrate
2. Blues Turnaround Variations and 3. Space Fillers.
Thank You.

Hey @samy :wave: - welcome to the community area!

Yes the PDF downloads will be added this week. I’ll post an update in this thread once they are ready.

As usual all demonstrations will be fully notated in the Downloads.

Enjoy the lessons!

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Great addition to the courses. I’ve been working slowly through the material - looking forward to additions to the course and PDF’s.

We’ll done Hayden.

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