Slash chord over sus chord

I understand how to play a slash chord when it’s over a specific beat and there’s a chord over a single note so that it creates a descending bassline with other chords. For example: Am/G; but what do you do with the slash chord over a sus chord as in this lead sheet for “Time After Time”
timeaftertime.pdf (452.5 KB)

Specifically: Dmi7/ G9sus 4-3 and Dmi 7/G9sus G9 in bars 2 and 4 of the A section?

Hi @Wendy, the places you mentioned are not actually slash chords, the “slash” sign shows the beats of the tune in between chords (poorly notated, I know…)

In notation, we can use slashes to show the beats between other symbols, or when there’s no melodic notation, for example:

Good rule of thumb for slash chords is that the after the slash symbol there is only the note that is the desired root, it’s not a chord, only one note.

So the following ARE slash chords:

Let me know if you have any further questions!


Thank you for clearing that up.