Singing Pianist - Practice Shortcuts

Singing Pianist - Developing The 3rd Skill

Being a good singer, as well as a good pianist, doesn’t not automatically translate into a good singing pianist. It’s a 3rd skill that must be developed in the same way that all music works, by spending actual time doing it. If you can enjoy that time spent, than I believe it just might take less than that mythical 10,000 hours needed for humans to master any skill.

Combine Your Voice With Piano Practice

One way to shortcut this is to combine your voice with your piano skill practice routine.

For example, you can sing your scales, and arpeggiated chords. First sing simple syllables such as Ah or Oh, then note names. Be loose with it, allow your voice to flip octaves naturally. You might need to go very slowly at first, and your voice might feel small or pitchy, but just keep doing it til it starts to feel more natural.
It’s also a great idea to sing along with your right hand melody, when you are first learning a new tune. First using a syllable, then eventually the lyrics. You’ll catch me doing this often in my lessons.

Singing & Playing Regularly

Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts - by singing and playing regularly in your practice time, you are improving BOTH (as individual skills) + ear training + rooting the music deeper in our understanding AND (drum roll)… you log in that ever precious time needed to feel comfortable as singing pianist. And maybe even master it!


  • Sing Scales you are practicing, first with syllables such as la or oh, then with note names
  • Sing arpeggios (broken chords), first with syllables such as la or oh, then with note names
  • Sing Melody with your right hand as you learn new songs, first with syllables such as la or oh, then with lyrics


Hi Lyndol
Love this thread. Thank you to Piano Groove for having a dedicated course/ lessons to singing pianists! It does say at the top - we can practice with the vocal play along tracks - would appreciate a link to it please? Super thanks in advance. :blush: Take care.

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Hi Kristeta,

Thanks for your message. I’m so glad that this thread is helpful to your music practice.
Here’s one of the play along tracks for Summertime …

More to be released. Please let me know how it goes…

  • Lyndol

This is COOL! Lyndol :blush: Will watch, learn and try it! I do love the play along track with the bass, drums and your lovely singing voice! This will be one of my goals in August! Awesome. Thanks so much. I am enjoying this a lot! Take care.

PS. I may have a few questions later on if okay :upside_down_face:

You’re so very welcome!

And Yes! Please write anytime with questions or comments on how things are going with them.

I’m so pleased you like the tracks! Thanks for your comments and happy playing…

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