Sharing jazz concert experience

Hey everybody

I love small, intimate concerts. And last night it was one of those … with monster jazz players Kenny Werner Dave Liebman Johannes Weidenmuller and Peter Erskine…

Imagine the night coming on a smart castle in one of the temple of French red wine Saint Estèphe … the artists coming on the scene smiling just in front of the enter of the castle in a beautiful green garden … Music begin with one composition of Kenny Werner complexe and beautiful around some beguin rhythm … already i am captured… 1h30 without interuption the musicians alternating between beautiful melodies and complex rhythms that i sometimes i cant even count :wink: … the night comes down on the castel the music is here … with the freshness all listeners are huddled on themselves or their spouse … the magic is here … the magic of the moment … the magic of music…

some picture to help imagination coming out

the musicians are getting old …Liebman have difficulties for walking … the beards become white … we are getting older together … something touching … thanks

NB next concert of this formation today in Oslo Norway, tomorrow in Middlelheim Belgium


Sounds wonderful. Kenny Werner is great, as is Liebman and all the others you mention. Last night, I went to a Chinese garden here in Portland, a lovely, tranquil setting for a jazz concert. Connie Han and her trio performed. (I’ve posted some videos of her here.) She is quite good, but they treated their performance like a bar setting with two 45 minute sets, and chats between each number. The presentation was awful. I wish I had been there to enjoy yours instead.

I wish all you could have been there … i so much more enjoy those intime settings than big jazz festival …